Monday, November 30, 2009

Left my heart

Coming back home from vacation is so hard sometimes and especially after Thanksgiving break because it's so short in Utah school districts. This time, honestly every time, I left with a very strong desire to move back to San Diego. It's not because of the weather, the beach, or the many things to do in general, but because of my family. It was so fun to be with my parents, brothers and sisters, and their cute kids. This was the first time we've all been together in a long time. My mom has been taking care of my grandmother in Hawaii for the last year and my brother Steve has been working a job in Oregon.

There was always someone to talk to and someone to do things with over the those four days. Sometimes we'd get a pretty motley crew together when we went anywhere. For example, when we went to see New Moon it was me and John, my older brother Dave, his two sons, a niece, my older sister Lisa, and my mom. Not the usual crowd for such a movie. John didn't even have to worry about being the only guy in the theater. I also had a group willing to go to the Japanese market with me. This is an activity John fears and he was overjoyed to seek refuge from it at my sister's house watching the BYU game. When we finished our meal on Thanksgiving day I kind of sat back for awhile, looked around, and smiled to myself. I was so happy and the thought kept coming to my mind that this is what the celestial kingdom must be like, a house full of family.

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