Thursday, November 5, 2009


I held out for three years, but I guess the day when I'd eat my words has come. I can't turn up my nose at John's fantasy books anymore. I admit, I'm addicted. I've been spending way too many late nights reading this, and Elantris, and Warbreaker, and now the The Well of Ascension. I keep promising myself I'll get back to the classics soon. I need to reread the Count of Monte Cristo and my scriptures are looking a little dusty. But really, Sanderson's books are good. Great strong, smart, politically invovled female characters. I like the title that our friend Dave gave himself of being a "surface fantasy reader". I guess I dabble a bit too.

* No, this fascination has nothing to do with the release of the next Wheel of Time book that Branden Sanderson wrote for Robert Jordan. Haven't read that series. Don't think I want to make the 9 book commitment. John received his preordered copy last night and looked like a kid at Christmas.


holtkamp said...

mel you are so funny! i'm glad you are finding something enjoyable to read though :)

Anne said...

This is funny. John likes the same music and books as Ben. No wonder they get along!

Ben got me to try Mercedes Lackey. I really liked her series that starts with Joust and the one about the herald Talia. Quick fun reads.

We've been reading the Wheel of Time together and listening to it on our ipod (not as much lately with the new baby and all). It took me a little bit to get into it but I really like them now and want to know what's happening!

Wiwi Kalawi said...

I guess my reading habits are the opposite of your's Mel, because I was a fantasy reader who then went to the classics. We can have a support group if you want by reading Crime and Punishment.

Wheel of Time is entertaining, but it's now 12 doorstoppers. Oy. When I was a teenager that was fun, but I have started to hate reading since starting law school. It's only enjoyable when it's for leisure, not for work.