Sunday, November 8, 2009

Favorite thing when sick

Japanese style ramen:

From the cheap packaged stuff (yeah, I actually like that, I understand if you don't), preferably roasted chicken, spicy chicken, or Cajun chicken flavors, add:

1 chopped green onion
1 raw egg
1 slice of smoked ham chopped
A dusting of chili flakes (if you didn't buy a spicy flavor)
Cover and let all ingredients simmer for a few minutes.

I started craving this after watching Ponyo. I'm so susceptible to things I see in movies or read in books! It's some obsession I have for recreating/living a setting. Like after watching Marie Antoinette I wanted to eat petite fours and pink macaroons for months. While reading Warbreaker, I wanted to take perfumed baths and eat seafood bisque. After watching Into the Wild I wanted to sell our house and all possessions and live off the land. I also wanted John to go take a shower in the wheat field sprinklers. He politely declined.

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