Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I made lots and lots of pumpkin bread! I love the stuff. My mom used to make several loaves every fall. John hates the taste of everything pumpkin, except for sopa de abobora, a soup made from pumpkin puree that he had once in Portugal. To remedy the problem of too many loaves but to few stomachs (the recipe makes 3) I baked some mini loaves and gave them away to neighbors and then split my remaining loaf with two of the teachers here at school. My share was enjoyed with a cup of peppermint tea while watching the Nightmare Before Christmas with John.

Earlier in the day, a giant package arrived on my doorstep containing six lenses for my cameras! There was some serious glass in there. My uncle is a biologist for the government and took up wildlife and nature photography as a hobby in the 70's. He has been planning on making the move to digital and so has kindly bestowed all his old equipment to me.

The lenses were mostly giant zooms and macro lenses. I'm not much of a wildlife photographer, but hopefully I can put these to good use. John enjoyed switching out all the lenses and checking out the pores on my face (sick) and the pixels on the laptop. Oh, another piece of good news. My 35mm Pentax isn't really broken. We just had it on the wrong setting for a non-autofocus lens. Yeah, duh.


Wiwi Kalawi said...

Is Rudy considered "wildlife"?

holtkamp said...

ooh sounds like a good day! i love pumpkin everything!!!