Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stake Conference at the Conference Center

There was a multi-stake conference in Salt Lake and our ward was invited. Awesome experience. It was like going to General Conference, but better. No tickets, not as crowded, and talks tailored to the area and people where we live. John still got sleepy. I just realized that John and I hardly have any pictures of us together besides our wedding. We're both too shy to ask people to take one, unless they're a close friend. But, we do love each other. Promise. Do you like how John is carrying my bag or purse in almost every picture?
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beckie said...

Thats funny, Steve and I had the same problem with pictures. I think you just get to the point when, "we're never going to be in peru again, lets ask this man to take our picture"

Amanda said...

You guys are always so cute... but... I have two suggestions.
1) John, you always cut off Melinda's shoes. We want to see those shoes. I know that they are awesome. Anyone else might not have awesome shoes, but Melinda's shoes are undoubtly cool.
2) You should post your pics here: Your outfits are always so pretty! You should share.

Emily said...

I like your dress! :) We don't have many pics of us together either. We've done the self timing thing but it never looks as great as I hope. . . . cool conference.