Friday, October 30, 2009

"Phat with a ph not an F"

The Bun.

One year for Halloween we dressed our rabbit up like a rabbit with stick up ears. It was pretty obscene. I'm not into dressing up pets (but sometimes I do secretly to annoy them). We're still trying to decide what do to for Halloween. The options are:

1. Stay home, watch a movie and hand out candy.
2. Go see Where the Wild Things Are.
3. Crash a singles party that's being catered by Tucanos Brazilian Grill.
4. Despite the 1,000+ guest list, try to attend the Spark's Lounge party in Provo.

I wish we had nieces and nephews here to take trick-0-treating. Enjoying the excitement of Halloween is just so much better with cute kids around.

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holtkamp said...

i agree! we don't have anything extravagant planned for halloween either...maybe a book fair we went to today. 'dooking' was on the list of activities (bobbing for apples!) :)

Heidi said...

if we still lived in your neighborhood this year we were going to get a toy house (like an outside play toy one) and go set it up over in the neighborhood where they have hundreds of kids to trick-or-treat each year - because there just isn't enough foot traffic in the townhomes...

Tanei Atagi said...

I hope you dressed Bella up! WE miss you guys!