Sunday, October 18, 2009

Overheard at a BYU Soccer Game

Saturday night we went to a BYU women's soccer game as part of a re-creation of our first date. More on that later. During the game we somehow managed to sit in the hormonal boy section. Here are some memorable quotes from the night:

"Dude, it would be so awesome to be Cosmo and get to be near all those hot chicks for free!"

"She just sat on her face! She can sit on my face anytime!"

"She totally looked at me! Last time I swear she saw me!"

Young college boys can be so lame. On a happier note, we had stake conference on Sunday in the Tabernacle with the prophet. That was pretty cool. They even let people bring their kids under 8 years, and those people (even though they weren't supposed to) brought sticky snacks for their little ones. Thankfully the acoustics are amazing in that building and the crying and screaming didn't detract from the talks. In the end everyone seemed happy. I think the prophet loves children and it reminds me of the section in 3 Nephi where Christ invites all the children to come near him. I'm sure that those kids will look back someday and remember being near the prophet. Here are some of the notes I took:
  • Elder Costa - the ones that are the hardest to bring back to the church are the proud and learned and the proud and rich. The words of a dead prophet are always easier to follow than the words of the living prophet (quoting a past talk by Pres. Benson).
  • Vicki Matsumori - it is sometimes harder to keep the commandments living in Utah. We become complacent and live on the testimonies of others.
  • Jordan River Temple Pres. - go to the temple weekly
  • SLC Temple Pres. - go to the temple often
  • Pres. Monson - giving our lives to save others. The lost battalion in WWI saved by the 77th infantry. If we would do it in an extreme situation, shouldn't we be doing it now?
I'm also expecting two rolls of film back from Nichol's by tomorrow, so pictures coming soon.


Wiwi Kalawi said...

Melinda, you'd probably like to know that the Lost Battalion was saved by the 100th Infantry Battalion, which was an all Japanese unit. They were mostly Japanese-Americans from interment camps who wanted to prove their patriotism through their brave deeds. They were also the most decorated unit in WWII.

holtkamp said...

sounds like some great talks! and i don't miss BYU one bit.