Monday, October 12, 2009

It's never too early

Call me greedy, but maybe when I'm really bored I start making up my Christmas list early. Not just in the fall, but all year round. I usually lose most of them. If I can get any points back for admitting for this, I'll have you know that I also make them for the people I love.

Here's one from the summer. The top list is my old gardening plans. And yes, most of my lists have weird doodles on them.


beckie said...

Hahaha, I literally started jotting mine down last night. Now I don't feel so greedy.

When you think of something you almost have to write it down because then when my mom asks what I want for my birthday she isn't me with the dreaded "uh..."

Amanda said...

I do the same thing. I have sheet in Excel that I update throughout the year. My birthday and anniversary are also in December and by December I never want anything. I also keep a list for Claron, Eliza and our families.

Anonymous said...

I started mine last week after I saw that another friend had posted hers on her blog for all to see. I guess us women are all the same:)