Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Break

Each year, educators in Utah get what's called a Fall Break, or UEA break. Hardcore people go to educational conferences during this time. The sane among us stay home, sleep, and walk around in pajamas all day. John and I were planning to go to St. George to catch butterflies and eat cupcakes at 25 Main, but in the end decided against it. Well, John decided against it. I'm all for being outdoors and going on trips, but John likes to read and rest on his days off. As my Don'ts for Wives book says,

"Don't insist on rushing about the continent to see cities during your husband's summer holiday if he feels that a quiet rest by the sea with a good golf-links handy, will be better for him. Nevermind if you do get enough of the country; he doesn't, and you can run over to Paris [I wish!] for a week at some other time without wearing out your husband's nerves when they should be resting."

But then it says in John's Don'ts for Husbands

"Don't settle down into an old married man while you are still in the prime of life. Take your wife out and about; give parities; visit your friends; and you will keep much younger than if you settle into the smoking-jacket and slippers habit."

Hm. In the end we spent our days reading A LOT, watching General Conference, and having home made Mexican food with friends. The food was authentic as it made by our own Mexican Princesa, Angelica. Her taquitos are amazing! I definitely got stir crazy after those four days. Don't ask John about that.

Well, these are some old pictures taken in the fall of 2006 (before blogs) the last time we were in St. George and catching bugs. I was scrambling to get a 300 specie insect collection together for my entomology class.

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holtkamp said...

hey does it say anything in the husband about a burberry trench coat or about a trip to scotland?! i hope so...

Melinda said...

Maybe I should write my own ghetto version of the Don'ts for Husbands. It would definitely include those things.