Friday, October 9, 2009

Can I take your picture?

I've noticed that during the work/school year I'm not very motivated to do much else besides those things which I have to do. This has also made me a little lazy in practicing photography, and I need to practice. To hopefully help remedy this I'd like to take pictures of you! Unfortunately *film + processing labs don't grow in my herb garden, so I'd like to take your picture, picture of your family, spouse, kids, or fiance for $25. That's only the cost of the supplies.

I can do ~ 25 images in B&W or color with a CD, and we can discuss locations. I haven't taken a studio lighting/photography class yet, so outdoors only, please. I'm thinking of keeping it to one or two little projects a month. Let me know if you're interested.

* As of right now I only have a film camera (well besides my dying little point and shoot with a broken lens), so yes I have to buy film. But, film is a wonderful medium for photography. Also, I use a medium format camera which takes pictures with more detail and that can be enlarged to a greater size than a normal slr. If you're curious as to why people still use film in this digital age check out the following:
I'm not going into the debate of film vs. digital here. Both can be great for different reasons. Plus, those conversations get heated (notice the plethora of comments after each of the above posts). I'm just saying the Mamiya is all's I got yo!


beckie said...

If you need practice, I would love to have some shots of my pregnant belly. (nothing weird or semi-nude of course) And I really like your styling, its so natural and pretty.
Count me in, and for $25 what a steal of a deal.

Kristen said...

Do you want to take a family picture for us? I have to give Dan's mom one by the 19th (of THIS month!) ACK!!! Let me know if you are brave enough.

How come I feel like I haven't seen you for months? I saw John on Sunday but no you!