Thursday, October 1, 2009


This book came out in 2008. I flipped through it and read some of the end sections while we were at the bookstore earlier this month. Going to the book store is often our date (and John's favorite date) on the weekends. I really enjoyed Leibovitz writing so honestly about her experiences. It was comforting to know that her main problem with her Mamiya is getting it to focus well and even though she uses digital, she still goes back to her medium format for personal portraits and other work. I also enjoyed the story of how her first experience with a real camera was buying one in Japan to hike up Mt. Fuji when she was 14. One of my favorites is the Marie Antoinette photo shoot Leibovitz did for Vogue a few years ago.

Sadly, many of the other photography books are always under plastic, so even if I want to look at them, instead of laying down $75, I have to just stare at the covers. This may be on my future Christmas or Birthday list. But wait! It's educator month at Borders, so that means 30% off everything for me. Hmmm, early Christmas?


Wiwi Kalawi said...

Bookstore dates are awesome. Jen and I plan to do that more often once the weather gets colder.

molly said...

Lovely, Amazon has it for $26. Just saying. :)

beckie said...

You should try your library, Steve and I were pleasantly surprised at all the great photography books the Orem PL had, the only thing is that because they were so expensive or had suggestive content, they were locked in a seperate room.

Its kind of cool being old enough to check out books from THAT room.

Kerstin said...

Brent and I used to always have bookstore dates! of the side effects of having two little ones is we no longer really date (besides snuggling up on the couch)...let alone have book store dates. I have library dates with my snugglebunny and sugglebuggy.

Nothing is better then to hear my daughter say "I love books!"

Melinda said...

Thanks for the great suggestions!