Monday, September 28, 2009

We're back now, but you probably didn't even know we were gone

This weekend we went on a special trip to Denver to surprise John's Dad for his 60th birthday! John and his brother and sisters have had this planned since the beginning of August and it's been difficult for me to not spill the secret over facebook or this blog. As a gift, all the children in John's family contributed stories about their favorite memories of their dad and compiled them into a pretty hardback book made through Snapfish.

I took half the pictures on our Nikon Coolpix for night, and the other on film. So here are the digitals from the birthday dinner (this place had the yummiest chocolate custard), and the film pics will come in a few weeks.

Our nephews are amazing and eat all sorts of sea food. They had calamari for appetizers and then had King Crab for dinner. They were obsessed with the crab claws the whole night and devoured a giant piece of chocolate mousse cake.
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holtkamp said...

what a great surprise! except for the crab!