Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mini cakes

I've really been wanting this Le Creuset pan from Sur La Table lately. It's not super pretty but I have a chocolate brownie cream cheese cake recipe that I love and it would be fun to make mini cakes for neighbors, friends and co-workers for their birthdays. I would like it even better if there were four larger wells instead of six, but oh well. Williams-Sonoma used to have one, but it seems that it's been discontinued. I love kitchen stores and could spend a good hour just browsing inside one.



Kristen said...

Melinda! I adore kitchen stores too! I just made some mini cakes from a pan Dan bought for me at Wal-Mart. It's a metal mini bundt, it was only $18 and worked fantastic. They also have some other shapes for fall! (and the cake turned out yummy too!)

Melinda said...

I am definitely checking those out. Thanks for the tip!

beckie said...

I also got a mini bundt cake pan on the cheap at either target or walmart-probably not walmart since I don't shop there.

Tip: Use a ton of PAM, put on a generous coating and then add another one or your pretty little cames will look awful, trust me. Its not fun piecing back together mini carrot cakes!