Thursday, September 3, 2009

First weeks

School has been really good so far this year, and easy, surprisingly easy. I've been told by seasoned teachers that by the third year things seem like cake and I'm finding that to be true! The kids seem good, although there are maybe 3 that are already a bit of a handful, and I have basically all my lessons planned specifically for 2 months and generally for the whole year. I'll still change some things from last year, but it won't be a lot of work. Right now the main challenge is getting used to being back in such a scheduled routine. After work it's workout, cook dinner, eat, scriptures, and maybe an hour of a movie or I fall asleep. The constant schedule makes me tired. Actually, I've been a little more lazy (or industrious) than that lately. I'm still trying to scan and dust spot as much film as I can before that free Adobe trial ends, so the half a movie plays while I'm on my laptop. I'm definitely not complaining though. I love my job.

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