Friday, September 4, 2009

Final Outtakes: Jed, Tanei, and baby Nohea

Tanei was my roommate for a semester and Jed was in our ward. Now they have a super cute little baby! As you can tell, I bought a lot of produce for my final and Jed and Tanei were kind enough to model for me and eat it. By the way, has anyone ever tasted a Santa Claus melon? After the final shoot, I took a few pictures of the Henry family, but sadly the majority didn't turn out because

a) Walmart/Fuji Labs processed the film as black and white film and not C-41
b) It was too dark
c) Along with the darkness I couldn't focus very well on my manual lens -or-
d) The film was fogged

I owe then a redo of those pictures and feel bad that they didn't look very nice. Since I have a negative scanner now I might process my film somewhere nicer, like Nichols. Then I can do touch ups at home and printing at Smith's. Live and learn.

Oh yes, we finished the second half of Tokyo! last night and overall it was better than I thought. John and I keep imitating the "Merde" language now. What geeks we are.

Ilford HP5 400
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