Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Don't buy Target wall shelves. They are evil, evil, evil. Resist the urge to save money on this item and buy from a more expensive store. We learned the hard way and didn't read all the ranting, one star reviews online of this product. Now we are left with huge holes in our newly repainted wall and a pile of firewood.

*John, yes, John who never gets angry about anything, was about to throw these out the window last night.


Emily said...

oh no! :( I'm sorry.

julianne rose said...

oh my goodness i had the EXACT same experience! i did eventually get my shelves up (after about 2 hours of attempts - no joke), but didn't put more than about 2 pounds of weight on them for fear that they would fall down.

they are AWFUL.

David said...

I hope you are exagerrating about having holes in the wall!