Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 3 Day weekend

  • Finished reading Atonement (finally)
  • Latin Festival in Provo with yummy pupusas and salsa music, chased down with gelato
  • Saw 500 Days of Summer (again, finally) and really enjoyed it
  • Lazed about in PJ's and touched up pictures
  • Went out for breakfast, a Mori family tradition, at the Belgian Waffle and Omlet Inn
  • Took family pictures of Jed, Tanei, and baby Nohea. I haven't really done family photos, hopefully they look OK
  • Made Tonkatsu for dinner - it's Japanese fried pork cutlet


Emily said...

sounds fabulous(!)- especially all that yummy food. If you ever want to practice family pics, we'd volunteer.

Melinda said...

Sure! I'd just need $ for film and processing. Call me next time you're in Utah :)