Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer ends

I'm back in school! Even though this is my third year and I have all my lessons and labs planned, I still get wasted for the first few days. Mostly it's adjusting to being on my feet all day, projecting my voice, going to sleep early and getting up while it's still dark out. I love the kids though, they're especially sweet at the beginning of the year.

I've also been working on scanning and fixing scratches and dust spots on film from this summer's photo class. Lately I've kind of been obsessed with this project. I downloaded the free trial of Photoshop CS4 and, maybe because it's only 30 days, I'm furiously trying to fix up as many pictures as I can. I'm no Photoshop wizard, but it sure beats mixing spot tone pigments to fix dust. On Monday I was thinking that maybe this is the kind of addiction that World of Warcraft players experience with their computer games, but then again, I feel that this is at least producing something as an end result, whereas the former creates little but built up adipose tissue.

We started watching The Edge of Love last night. I love the clothes that Kiera and Sienna wear, both the pencil skirts with heels in London and the floaty floral skirts, chunky sweaters, and rubber wellies in Wales. Sorry, couldn't find any of the city outfits. We still have to finish the end tonight.

photos: entertainmentwallpaper, imovizine, bbc news


holtkamp said...

don't tell me you're dissing world of warcraft players?! ha, ha!

molly said...

So, I watched The Edge of Love on the plane back from Spain and liked only the clothes. I hope you liked it better than I did. :)