Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home again, home again jiggity jig

We've been down in perfect San Diego for the last couple of days visiting family and will be here until next week. The weather has been gorgeous, as usual, except for the fact that my hair never cooperates with humidity.

Monday we had a Japanese day and toured the Japanese friendship gardens (where we had our wedding reception) at Balboa Park with my parents and went to Japanese grocery stores to pick up some rice ball molds and treats. They had the weirdest flavor of candy there: aloe yogurt. We weren't feeling adventerous enough to try it. We did get plenty of Hi-chew and chocolate mushrooms.

Today I went to try on clothes at Anthro with my little sister, and I stress the TRY ON part. My husband will be happy to know that I didn't purchase anything. I did find this perfume that I thought smelled wonderful only to discover that I had been fragrancing myself with a room spray. John hates the mall and decided to hang out at my parents house during the shopping. At night my mom made stir fry with her home grown zucchini and then we made the rounds to visit the nieces and nephews along with their newest pets. My oldest nephew, Thaddeus, is now as tall as my younger, twenty-something year old sister. It's crazy to think I have a teenaged nephew!


Emily said...

mmm hi-chews. I can't believe Thaddeus is a teenager! Did he ever get a beagle?

Melinda said...

No, they got a kitty a few weeks ago though. It's really cute (although I'm not much of a cat person)