Tuesday, August 25, 2009


During my photo class, I ended up dragging John through a lot. He became my unwilling, but most time flexible model, a partner in crime while trespassing, my chauffeur, and my assistant while I took pictures of other people. Being a CS major, he also enjoyed explaining the computer science behind digital manipulation on images and the technical side of working my camera. John is one of the best teachers I know because he has a talent for simplifying the complex.

This picture
Kid on bike: "Daddy, what is that man going to do?"
John, standing and looking embarrassed, mutters between his teeth: "I'm not going to jump now, everyone is looking!"
Father: "Come on let's go"
Kid: "No, I want to see what that man's going to do."
Me shouting: "Just jump!"

Oh, my poor husband.

Ilford HP5 Plus, ISO 400
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whitney allison said...

Haha, a great picture and a great story. Very funny.

holtkamp said...

ha, ha! the picture turned out nice though :)