Monday, August 17, 2009

Genealogy, I am doing it finally

While staying with my parents last week, I took the time to scan some old family photos from my mother's side of the family. We actually did not have any of these growing up, they were all at my grandparents house until my mom asked for some when I was in high school. Since the original photos are the only photos, I consider them priceless and wanted to make sure there was a way to preserve them.

Grandma and Grandpa Nishimoto. I think my grandparents are pretty good looking. Grandpa was asked to be a model for men's fashion in his younger days.

Grandpa graduating from middle school. This was the highest level of education he was able to get. After middle school he went to work in the cane fields.

My mom on the far left with her friends. The girl on the right passed away recently and my mother attended her funeral. My mom's family was too poor to afford a bathing suit for her so she swam in underwear when she was little.

I may not be able to discover much new genealogy (it's all in Japanese) but for now I can do this. Next I need to scan from my dad's side. I love looking at my family's old pictures. It reminds me of where I came from and encourages me to work hard and live a good life. I've also found recently that I love hearing stories from my elders and John's grandparents as well. They're the best story tellers and I feel I learn so much from them.
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Kristen said...

Fantastic pictures - I'll bet your mom remembers what fun she had more than she remembers what she was wearing!

Leslie said...

Just so you know . . . I was shocked to find out that the words to this particular primary song have been changed. It now is called Family history I am doing it! The words are completely different than what we sang growing up! I had to play it in primary the other day, which is the only reason I know! Good job on the work though! I need to follow your example!