Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fun Gift from Abroad

While they were in London, Amanda and Branden picked up these little books for us as gifts. They're full of advice on what not to do in a marriage. As you can see they were written in 1913 which makes them even more entertaining because some of the advice is really dated, but well intended, and remind me of well-to-do Europeans playing polo on the weekend. Others are amazingly still very relevant today. Here's a few that made me smile from my book:
  • "Don't dress badly, even if your allowance is small. If you can't have new gowns with every fleeting change of fashion, never have them made in an extreme style, so that they may not be too accurately dated. Let them be of good material, dainty, and well cut; there is nothing gained by being dowdy." (I wish I could have all my clothes made . . .great tip though.)
  • "Don't say you can't give progressive bridge-parties because you can't afford to buy expensive prizes. Make up for it in the care with which you select them . . . "
  • "Don't open the door for yourself when your husband is present. He would open it for a lady guest, let him open it for you. Besides, your boys will not learn the little courtesies that count nearly so well by precept as by example."
  • "Don't let your husband sharpen lead pencils all over your drawing room carpet." (Yeah John! What's with all those pencil sharpenings near the grand staircase?!)
  • "Don't pile up money for your children. Give them the best education possible, and let them make their own way."
  • "Don't choose the very time your husband is at home to "see about" all sorts of things in other parts of the house. Sit with him by the fire; smoke with him if it pleases you and him; read or be read to; sing or play cards with him, or chat with him about anything that interests him. It is your business to keep him amused in the evening."
  • "Don't keep a servant who can't be punctual with meals. Nothing upsets a hungry man's temper more than being kept waiting for his dinner" (Well, now we just need to see about that servant, wait, it's me!)
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whitney allison said...

It is your business to keep him amused in the evening. hahahahahaha. Love it.

Heidi said...

I love the fifth one!

Wiwi Kalawi said...

Can you get Jen a list of these?