Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Final Finally!

These are the pictures from my final project for my Photography I class at Salt Lake City Community College. My theme was "Fruit of the Earth". I kind of wished I had a macro lense to take some better close ups, but I think the pictures I was able to get with my lense turned out good. These were all scanned from film and I used my Mamiya 645. The first three have some photoshop dodging and burning done to them the last one does not. I didn't include one picture because I just ran out of time to scan it. I actually only scanned two to edit for the final because of some scratches. The photos of the others that I presented for the final critique were done in the dark room. Oh how I will miss the dark room!

Thank you to my friends who have proved to be the best models:

Picture 1: JP's hands and arms
Picture 2: Angelica
Picture 3; JP's feet
Picture 4: Jed and Tanei

Brian was also in some that I didn't use. And thank you to Jen and Rach for being willing to model. Again, I ran out of time to go to multiple shooting locations, so I just stuck with Provo.

I really enjoyed taking this class and I hope to take more in the future. For anyone interested, Pictureline in Salt Lake and Draper offers free basic photography classes. I may be stopping by there myself this fall.
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jujucita said...

these are amazing melinda! i love them.. they remind me of the grapes of wrath (maybe the "fruit" theme?) except for maybe the last one. so great.. thanks for sharing!

beckie said...

Oh Melinda! These are so beautiful. I love that one of Jed and Tanai, so lovely.

Excellent job.

holtkamp said...

nice pics mel! they remind me of 'of mice and men'

Melinda said...

Thanks :)