Friday, August 14, 2009

Broken for reals?

Sorry, no pictures lately. I just realized that we never pack the USB cord for our little digital camera when we travel. I don't know why not since John packs his whole elecctronic world into a giant Quasimodo inducing computer backpack everytime we leave the state. Stuff gets lost in there, like the time he packed the I-pod so well we thought it was stolen in NY. Well, the Nikon coolpix is broken, AGAIN. What is up with that? John claims it's because I took it on our swimming with the sharks excusion and it got sand in it. The screen reads "lens error". I'm kind of annoyed with it now and don't know if it's worth fixing. But, I also don't like John's little digital very much. I like (ok, love) film, but analog is not condusive to real time blogging. I have taken a bunch of pictures on the Mamiya, but they'll have to wait until I can get the film developed and scanned back home.

We saw Ponyo today. Cute, but maybe too kiddie-ish for me? My niece loved the funky electronica song that played with the end credits. My nephew liked Liam Neson's voice for the sea wizard. John liked the crazy hardcore mom that drove through tsunamis. I got sick from eating too much popcorn.


Anne said...

You should get a card reader- works for every format of card and is a lot faster (the things we learn from our technie husbands, right?) :) Can't wait to see pictures of the sharks!

holtkamp said...

we were thinking of seeing ponyo sometime...maybe we'll wait til the dollar theatre :) hope you're having a good time at home!

Melinda said...

A card reader, brilliant! They had those in the computer lab we used for my class, I've just forgotten about them.