Sunday, August 2, 2009

The 3 year search may have come to an end

I think I may have finally found the perfect flat boots for me. The requirements were that the boot had to be able to withstand snow and rain, in other words, not be suede, have a heel height of 1-inch or smaller, have a price under $200, and have a shaft circumference that was 15 and a half inches or smaller (I have scrawny calves). I bought a pair that fit these attributes at the Nordstrom's Anniversary sale, which ends today, and had them shipped to our old Provo address by accident. I am so annoyed with myself! Apparently even if change your billing address and credit card on Nordstrom's online account, they still ship it to the first address you ever entered unless you change it as well. That was my bad.

After calling Nordstrom's, our old landlord to get the new owners' phone number and then proceeding to have them call the current tenants, and after sending two friends to try and retrieve the package, I've learned that the man living there supposedly sent my boots back via UPS. I so hope he is telling the truth and did not sell them on ebay!

I love the back detailing of these boots.
Hopefully I get them and hopefully they fit after all this trouble.

I also liked these shoes for teaching, but not in purple.

Unfortunately, I think I have to invest in another pair of ugly Danskos for comfort's sake. The old pair that I've had since the mission are finally worn beyond repair. Dankos are great shoes for teaching. They're just not very cute. They also cause me to trip a lot. Teaching is just not a fashionable job and those who try and make it such usually have very messed up feet.


Emily said...

Congrats on the boots! I hope you get them. I LOVE those other shoes, in purple! I'm dying for a pair of Soffts. Anyway, hope you can find some cuter Danksos. In a few weeks if you need a cute flats or heels for about 20 bucks, my friend Katie should have her website up. . . .

jujucita said...

cute boots - i like! who makes them? i would recommend camper - i got a pair for boston last year - but i think they're suede.. and it looks like you already found a great pair! :)

Melinda said...

oh, the boots are by Sudini