Friday, July 17, 2009

Yesterday we went out to celebrate our Anniversary. We were supposed to leave a lot earlier than we did, but we got sidetracked. John wanted to watch Master & Commander since he finished reading some of the books a little while ago and I personally think he kind of pictures himself as a dashing Napoleonic Era captain. I also added to the lateness because I got sucked into the movie and was furiously trying to research an old master photographer for an assignment at the same time. I decided on Joseph Sudek.

Sudek's photos at

For our Anniversary date we drove up Provo canyon and walked around Cascade Springs. John and I also stopped a lot on the way through the Aspen grove to take pictures. We chose Cascade Springs because it was in nature and something I could accomplish in the pencil skirt I was wearing (the pathways are all paved). The whole thing was BEAUTIFUL! I've been there before, but I just love all the fresh flowing water.

Can you tell we were trying to imitate Sudek? Sadly, we had to rush a little bit at the end to make it to dinner. We ate at the Tree Room at Sundance. I had been there once when I was young for my older sister's graduation from BYU, but back then I was grossed out that they served things like quail and opted for a cheese and fruit plate that I also thought was disgusting because the cheeses were not cheddar. I appreciated it a lot more this time. John got wild boar and I got the lamb loin. I love lamb so much! During dinner John told me our future in 10 years. This is something he used to do a lot for me and Amanda once too. Here's where we'll be in 10 years according to John: We'll have 3 kids: a 9 year old boy, a 6 year old girl and a 3 year old girl. We will be living in Oregon with woods in our backyard as well as a stream. Rick will be married and will have moved to Oregon as well. Their company will have grown a bit. The kids will make forts and climb trees in our forest. The end.

After dinner we walked around Sundance and watched bats swoop over the water. The bats looked spectral in the moonlight and we couldn't hear them at all. I would almost have believed that they weren't really there, but I felt them fly under my feet as I was dangling them barefoot off a ledge. I can see how people in medeval times used to develop supersitions about fairies.


jujucita said...

aw.. sounds like a great date :) happy anniversary!!

Kristen said...

What a great anniversary date! Funny how our tastes change as we get older (and wiser!) John's future for you two sounds good - I hope it comes true for you!