Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Winning the Rubber

I mentioned before that we played a lot of bridge while we were in Colorado. Bridge kind of has a bad rap for being a rich, old person's card game, but I really enjoy it! David and Mary, John's parents, taught me how to play the first time I met them, and now I'm hooked. Since we have no one to play with here, John and I have been practicing with just the two of us which doesn't really work. I'm trying to learn more because I was hoping we'd arrange a bridge tournament for the next family reunion on John's side. Anyone know how or want to learn how to play? We could start our very own bridge club!
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Amanda said...

remember when i sneakily got john's hat size while we were in italy? that was sweet. and that's a sweet picture.

Jethro said...

We would love to have you guys over for dinner and teach us how to play bridge. What do you think? We can talk more tonight at Angela's reception.