Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weapon of Choice

I think most women have a favorite go to for inexpensive clothes. You know those times when your budget is lower and you just need something new to perk up your wardrobe? It's that place. I know a lot of people like Target. I do Target too sometimes. Other favorites my friends mention are Forever 21, Etsy, and Down East Outfitters/Basics. One complaint with Down East is that, as my friend put it, "I went to church wearing a dress I bought from there and four other girls were wearing it!". If you're not from Utah, Down East Outfitters/Basics is a small chain store that carries their own line of well priced clothing, plus a back section that has cast offs from J.Crew, Diesel, and Gap.

My personal favorite is this little store called Cozy. It's a hole in the wall place located in the Albertson's shopping center in Provo and owned by a Korean family. Although the customer service can be hit and miss, there are a lot of tops and sometimes skirts that are dirt cheap and decent quality. The skirts actually can be pretty nice. The ones that I have are all lined, something that a lot of current and more expensive stores fail to do these days. I picked up four shirts/blouses there for just over $50. Another plus: they're the only one in existence (not a chain store) and their inventory changes pretty regularly, so you don't run into your quadruplets at church or anywhere else.

When I was living in San Diego, my favorite was L.A. Rack. They have one downtown and in Pacific Beach.

What's your cheap go to?

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holtkamp said...

i too like cozy! have you been to the new rack in sandy? i heard it's great!