Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tiny Dancer

Mamiya 645 Super, 80mm, 2.8, Ilford HP5 400

This is the wheat field shoot that my old mission companion, Rachel Barker, modeled. Isn't she so graceful and beautiful? I wish I could dance like that!

John fixed our point and shoot! It took $50 which is a lot better than buying a whole new camera. He's a technological genius and part of that comes from doing lots of research. So, since we still don't own a scanner and haven't been allowed to scan the negatives at school yet, this is a picture, taken with the point and shoot, of the enlargement that I did.
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Emily said...

Beautiful picture!

Nathan said...

Melinda, that's gorgeous! I can't quite remember... did you happen to mention she was still single? ;-)