Sunday, July 12, 2009

On and on

Today in church I heard the dreaded, "Hi Ms. LeSueur!" in the hall. That combined with emails for the J.Crew fall preview and In-Style's advice on extending your summer tan have given me a little anxiety. I'm not ready for summer to be over and I'd like to have all reminders of fall pushed back until after Labor Day, thank you very much. I'm having too much fun enjoying my time off.

Here are a few frivolous things that I still want to do before I have to worry about boots again:

1. Go to a carnival with John, eat a funnel cake, and ride the ferris wheel.
2. Catch butterflies
3. Make pistachio gelato in our ice cream maker
4. Eat a hot dog from J Dawgs in Provo in a park
5. Hike up to Stewart Falls in Sundance
6. Go to the BEACH!
7. Float down the Provo River - though I'm hearing this can very cold, so I'm having second thoughts
8. Jump off the rope swing in Mona - also heard that this could be a bad experience, but am a little brainwashed now from watching those summer scenes in the Notebook.
9. Take John to see the wild horses and burros at the preserve up the street
10. Read, read, read. I'll admit this geekiness: John has got me hooked on Brandon Sanderson books and I really want to read Warbreaker. In the meantime I have to finish Search for Joyful, Atonement, Victory of Eagles, a few that Jen let me borrow.


holtkamp said...

funnel cake sounds so good! i thought you already went tubing down the provo river?!

Melinda said...

We were going to but it was too cloudy. We went on a hike up Big Springs instead. Remember the turkeys last time? haha! We went all the way to the top. It was gorgeous!