Thursday, July 2, 2009

JP & Brian's Wedding

Like I said before, John took the camera to Colorado before I joined him, so I'm a little behind in posting some pictures of past events. My good friend JP got married to Brian two weeks ago. John was the camera man that day since I was trying to take some pictures for my photo class. I was also a bridesmaid. Jen and Brian were married in the Salt Lake Temple and were planning to have a ring ceremony and reception at Liberty Park. Unfortunately, the elements combined against them and there was a bad rain storm that week, but they smoothly planned a move into a local chapel the day before. Congratulations you guys! We love you!

We tried to get more pictures of the bride and groom, but failed miserably. If you want to see pictures that are a lot better, you can go to my friend Angie's Blog. She came out from Colorado just to shoot the wedding and she's amazing! She is also going to be the photographer for the wedding of the editor of Martha Stewart Weddings up in Aspen.

See those little hanging flower balls? Yeah, we made 50 of those. Go team 11 bridesmaids!
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