Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm really excited to . . .

Wash my car! This is a bit dorky, but true. The house we lived in before did not have an outdoor faucet. That meant that we didn't wash either of our cars for a whole year. Then we moved here and had a spigot in our garage, but no hose. We were trying to save some that year and took our automobiles to be washed once each. We've finally broken down and bought a hose and now I can take care of my car in true California style (aka washing it yourself in the driveway)!

My brother-in-law, Andre, is way into cars. I mean really into cars. He has his own business that installs customs car parts. Andre gave me all the tips on what kind of car wash (Meguires), wax, and supplies to purchase and now they are sitting on my kitchen table, itching to be used.

Here is Andre's car. He did all the work himself and just won first and second place at a major car show in San Diego. Congratulations!


holtkamp said...

i'm jealous! i love washing my car! wierd i know. i have to get it washed a couple times a month.

Emily said...

I'm jealous too! My car needs a good washing. THat's so cool about Andre.