Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Pioneer Day!

I had no idea this was even a real holiday until I stayed in Utah one summer during college. At first I honestly kind of scoffed at it because no where else in the United States gets this extra, random day off from work . It just seemed like an excuse to go to Vegas. Since then I've tried to think why this day is important to commemorate.

When I think of pioneers, I'm reminded of watching the movie Legacy over and over again during my mission and almost crying every time. Sure it has some real cheesy parts, but it's such a great portrayal of what the Mormon pioneers endured to be able to practice their religion without harassment.

The pioneers of my family had a very different experience. They came by boat to a land where no one spoke their language. They worked in cane fields and built railroads to try to make a place for themselves in this country. So, on this day I am reminded of my religious forefathers as well as my actual forefathers. Both sacrificed so much to make the joy in my life possible.

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