Thursday, July 9, 2009

Goshen Pond

For a photo assignment on quality of light using a digital camera. Background of Goshen Pond here. I got attacked by crazy biting flies. There were some less than appropriate tags that I didn't include, but some that were pretty awesome and amusing. I got sunburned and cut up my ankle on the debris. BUT, stunning view and I didn't get arrested for trespassing. That's a good day in my book. We're not supposed to use Photoshop for anything yet. Also, we had to leave the camera on auto white balance and ISO 400. So, what you see is what I shot.

On another random note, watching Revolutionary Road last night made me crave bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning. No fresh orange juice or major fights though. The fights in that movie made me cringe! They sounded so real. It was a sad movie, but we thought it was really well done. I think a lot of us these days don't want to believe that we're the typical suburban couple.
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Amanda said...

these are pretty. and i started to read a few excerpts from the book revolutionary road. did you like the movie?