Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When the Husband's away . . .

We once knew a really nice older couple in our family ward back in Provo, the Jacquards. He was a professor of music at Brigham Young University and she was a professor of art. They lived a simple life, but knew how to surround themselves with beauty.

One month, Sister Jacquard's husband was out of town for a long conference. Every Sunday she would announce to the Relief Society, "While the cat's away the mouse will play!" and then devulge her plan to watch all her favorite TV shows and eat corn dogs (her husband detested them) in pure bliss. I think I'll follow her example for a couple of days.

My version? Stewart's key lime soda, pretzels and cheese, and old episodes of the O.C.


beckie said...

I'm so glad that you didn't say you were going to eat corn dogs too. Sick. I can get on board with Stewarts though. Have fun!

Christy Nielson said...

Hey I absolutely LOVE the O.C. great choice, it's definately not a show for guys so good time to watch it!