Monday, June 1, 2009

JP's Bridal Shower

My friend JP is getting married on June 20th! This last picture is the of the four of us who met freshman year. Well, it goes like this. Jen and I are both from San Deigo and have known each other practically since birth. I kind of followed her to BYU, but we ended up in different dorms. In Chipman Hall I noticed Angelica when she looked like she hated freshman orientation as much as I did and later met her when she came to my room to sign up to play intramural soccer. JP was her roommate and they were friends from Madera, California and had run cross country together.

My first memory of actually meeting JP was in the BYU bookstore. I was talking to Angelica and Jp ran up to us wearing a lavender shirt and denim overalls. Oh, the denim overalls! She was in a frenzy because she had some books with her that she already bought and she thought they were going to think that she stole them. She wanted to know if Angelica and I could hide the books in our backpacks. Hmm, maybe she really did steal them! I never asked about it . . . :)

Angelica later moved to the Herritage Hall dorms which is where Jen was living, and Jp and I were left alone in Chipman Hall. Lots of mix and match here. End story is that we all became good friends.

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Emily said...

The food looks heavenly! I really like the picture of the four of you.

holtkamp said...

denim overalls?!?!?