Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brown Paper Packages

I got one of the best packages ever last week! My mom has been in Hawaii for the last 3 months taking care of my grandmother, so communication with family has been a little different. Instead of the one call a week to San Diego to talk to my parents, I've been making two and trying to remember the time difference in Hawaii. A few weeks ago I called my dad about my photography class. He called my mom and told her, and she talked to my Uncle. Through this chain of phone calls came 3 lovely cameras from Uncle Mike and because my mom always packs food in packages, lots of Japanese Hi-chew.

I ate one before I took the picture. I just could not resist.

After taking all 3 cameras to Kew's we learned that one had a broken mirror motor which would take the resale price of the camera to fix, one is a little weird (the light meter works by a series of weakly flashing lights on the Pentax ME Super), and the Mamiya is in perfect condition. I love Kew's Camera. It's run by Mr. Kew and his wife and although he comes off a little crusty and annoyed at first, you can tell Mr. Kew loves to teach and loves what he does.
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beckie said...

Oh my gosh! What a great package. I'm so happy at least one of them works. I'm a little jealous.

holtkamp said...

thanks again for the hi-chews! we pretty much finished them off at the movie :)