Monday, June 29, 2009

Assignment #2: Depth of Field and making a contact sheet

Our second assignment in my photography class was to take 36 pictures, half with a great depth of field and half with a shallow depth of field. Afterwards we developed the film by hand, made a contact sheet of the negatives, and are supposed to enlarge two of our favorite frames. Since I knew I would be in Colorado for our next class, I got a head start on the contact sheets, but still need to pick two photos to enlarge. These were enlarged on a regular desktop printer/scanner combo from contact sheets, so the quality isn't great (dust, loss of detail, etc.). We borrowed John's parent's scanner because we don't have one of our own.

Angie & Jim at JP's wedding.

Jen & Dave.

Angelica looking sweet.

The first contact sheet pics were shot on a Pentax ME Super. The last one was shot on the Mamiya 645. Lessons learned: I need to learn how to work with bright light. I shot a lot of pictures at the carnival for Pleasant Grove's Strawberry Days in bright sunlight and they didn't turn out so good. Another set was taken right before the sun set and they also did not turn out very well. We're only allowed to use ISO 400 film for our assignments so far. I think it was to even the playing field for those kids who had digital cameras for the first assignment, but now it's just the requirement. Hopefully practice makes perfect.

I kind of used my assignment as an excuse to buy parasols from Sage, the only Japanese market in Utah Valley. I've been eyeing them for awhile but couldn't think of a good reason to purchase them. I was most pleased with the last picture of Angelica. She and Jen were such good friends and willingly marched through wheat fields, stalked through the park in heels, and helped save a baby duck. Well, we hoped we saved it. It's been a lifelong semi-secret dream of mine to separate a baby duck from it's mom so I could hold it in my hand. Sadly, this one was already separated from the flock.

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whitney allison said...

Oh contact sheets. I loved the photography classes I took in high school and all of this stuff reminds me of it. I really do have a dream to have a dark room in my house someday. No matter how smelly the chemicals are, its just so fun to develope your own stuff. Love your shots!