Friday, June 26, 2009

Assignment #1: Exposure

The first assignment for my photo class was to take pictures to get familiar with exposure. We had just learned about how to change our shutter speed and F-stop and not much else beyond that. I was still getting used to my camera, but here are some of the ones that I liked.

These were all taken with my Mamiya 645 Super, strait out of the camera. Obviously I'm still getting the hang of things, but was pleased overall with the results. It's fun to get a package of film back and open it up to see what turns out.

Now the story behind the peacock place. As I mentioned previously, John and I had scoped out this location awhile ago, but had not entered the lot. I thought it best to ask permission before traipsing onto someone else's property. As I walked up to the door of the trailer, I noticed there was a rifle holder laying on the ground and a large knife wedged between the wall of the home and a utility box, looking like it could be whipped out to stab into an intruder. I started getting nervous but I really wanted to take pictures of the peacocks. So, I knocked on the door once, no reply. Twice, no reply. Third time was a charm and an old man chewing lunch came to the door. In a stuttering voiced I explained my purpose and asked the owner if he wouldn't mind if I poked around and photographed his birds. He was more than happy to oblige and kept me company for some of the time, chatting about the history of the place, the habits of his birds, and pointing out nesting spots. He was such a nice man. He introduced himself as Dutch and explained that he moved onto the property in 1988 with peacocks already on it. He decided to feed the birds and provide them perches and eventually the population rose to 50 peacocks. Apparently he has more peacocks than anyone in Utah Valley.

If you're ever in our part of the woods, we can head out to see the Peacock Man of Herriman. He loves visitors. The picture of the man with the cat is Dutch.


Anne said...

Those look awesome! I'm glad you're having fun!

Nathan said...

Melinda, these are excellent! Especially for your first assignment. I love the feel that these older film cameras give.

holtkamp said...

cool pics mel! yes, i'd love to visit the peacock man and his peacocks someday!

beckie said...

Melinda! These are fantastic! Look at all that natural talent