Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sitting in a bomb crater with Ernest Hemingway

Sunday night we were invited to dinner with John's Grandparents, Joyce and Alf, in honor of Carl's visit. We had the traditional and satisfying Sunday meal of pot roast, carrots and potatoes, corn, homemade bread, and grape juice. It's fun visiting with Grandparents because they have led such rich lives and have so many stories to tell. Grandpa Alf used to be a dentist, so he talked about how bad soda is for your teeth. This was not on the superficial level but Alf went into great detail about recent studies on the pH levels of soda and other things that we consume. I thought it was very educational and developed a sudden urge to run for my Sonic Care to work on my less than pearly whites. I am a great disappointment though because after dinner that night I came home and fell asleep without picking up the brush.

Grandpa also talked a lot about the Startup family. I guess this would be John's great Great Grandpa. Correct me, LeSueurs and Ridges, if I'm wrong. One of the Startups owns a candy company which is still standing in Provo. They're famous for these pretty little hard candies known as Magnolias. Ever tried one? Our reply was no and an old box of the candies was promptly rummaged out from somewhere in Grandpa's room. With strong encouragement from Grandpa, John, Carl, and I then ate the 40 year old candy from it's original packaging. It tasted surprisingly flora, like bubble bath with sugar in it.

The back reads: "Magnolias are the acme of perfection as a breath purifier being suitable for ladies as well as gentlemen. Being made with the highest class perfumes they are pleasingly fragrant and delicious. Hygienic, Delightful, Pure"

We also learned that John's Great Uncle was in World War II with Ernest Hemingway. There is a picture of him in the family history taken by the man himself. Apparently they rubbed shoulders in a bomb crater.
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BriAnna Jenkins said...

What a small world! My mom and aunt worked at the Startup's candy store in Provo when they were in high school. They both said that it was one of their favorite jobs =)

Amanda said...

i love hearing stories from grandpa. i can't believe he still had that candy. that's a little gross. but way cool. i miss you all. SO MUCH.

holtkamp said...

wow that is awesome. also, i would love to have meet ernest hemingway and talked about the sun also rises ha, ha.