Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Picture Perfect Picnic

Since I still have approximately three weeks left of teaching before summer break, I completely forgot that it is going to be Memorial Day weekend! I have no plans, but I'm thinking we're going to keep it simple and stay close to home. I was talking to fellow teacher Matt and he warned that going out into nature in Utah is terrible on Memorial Day. The wilderness gets crowded and noisy. It's kind of the antithesis of enjoying the beauty of the earth. His biggest pet peeve is hearing people blast music when they leave the city to "get away from it all". Its amazing that people can't seem to unplug from their gadgets for even a day and a shame that they miss all of the beautiful sounds of birds, water, trees, and wind.

If it wasn't Memorial Day, I would really like to take a picnic to the mountains. I've had this in my mind for awhile now. This ideal picnic would include a lush meadow, Philly cheese steak sandwiches from the Italian Place, red grapes, strawberries, goat cheese, some fancy sparkling lemonade, John in a light colored, Chuck Bass style suit and me in a floral or white dress. Our pet rabbit would be there too with a grosgrain ribbon tied around her neck and she wouldn't run away or get eaten by any hawks (this is a dream so indulge me a little). I've also been wanting to put together the picnic pieces from Toast pictured above, but the company is based in the UK and therefore quite overpriced (I calculated ~ $200 for all of it). On Saturday I visited REI for the third time in my life to pick up a water bottle. One of my teaching survival items is a spill proof water bottle with a straw. Anyway, while looking for this high tech water bottle, I came across the camping section. They had essentially the same dishes and lantern as Toast (minus the plaid blanket) for a lot cheaper. Now if I could just get John and the bunny to cooperate.

This would be nice to pack it all around.
From Villa Palazzo


Kristen said...

That sounds lovely!! I saw you on your way to work this morning - you did not look happy. You need some new drive to work music to put some pep in your step to finish out the school year!!

beckie said...

We will be picnicing this weekend with fried chicken and summer salads, I don't think I could get Steve into a suit for the occasion though.

Melinda, you're great.

Emily said...

sounds fabulous! Maybe you should be "sick" some day and go do it!

molly said...

OMGoodness! I'm so glad you commented on my blog and lead me to yours!!! I adore you and your posts about fabulous picnics. Gold star, Melinda!

holtkamp said...

that all sounds so wonderful!