Friday, May 15, 2009

Never again! (but I probably will)

I don't like shopping online. In fact I've made a little rule for myself that I will not buy something from a website unless I've either tried it on before in the store, or have tried on the brand and am familiar with their sizing. I had to break that rule as I desperately searched for a black bridesmaid dress for my friend JP's wedding. You wouldn't think finding a plain black dress with sleeves would be that hard would you? Well, it is. At least when I don't want to break $100. The dress I ordered came in last week and it is seriously the weirdest fit I've ever seen. From the torso down, it fits tight as a glove. Then from the torso up I feel like I'm in football pads! The whole top kind of floats around my body and the shoulders and sleeves don't even touch my skin. Weird. I am skeptical if it's even worth taking to a tailor because the whole top would have to be reconstructed. Anyway, I found this dress by the same company that I like better, but I don't know if I even dare . . .

Photo: Shabbyapple

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Kristen said...

I've heard not so great things about their fit - cute dresses but have you tried Ann Taylor Loft at all? I saw a black short sleeved dress at the Orem Nordstrom and I totally thought of you when I saw it, but did not notice the price.

I would go extra $$$ for a good black dress, honestly.