Friday, May 1, 2009

Having an older brother in the Mori Family

1. When you're young you feel cool because he lets you read his comic books.
2. He lets you be his sidekick at the arcade and plays the D&D game with you.
3. He lets you play his Nintendo for a fee of drinking a concoction he makes containing sugar packets, ketchup, BBQ sauce, relish, mustard, and a large wad of spit.
4. He teaches you funny poo jokes to tell your little friends.
5. As you get older he introduces you to cool bands.
6. He helps you with your math homework.
7. In high school he'll go shopping with you at vintage, thrift, and boutique stores.
8. He grows up, marries a super cool girl, and has adorable children who are equally as cool as their parents.
9. He writes you emails to let you know how he and his family are doing when you're the only sibling not living in San Diego.
10. He continues to make those poo jokes.

I don't think you even read this, but Happy Birthday Dave! Thanks for taking care of your little sister and being an awesome older brother!

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