Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"A girl's best friend . . ."

" . . . is a gay man." Often quoted in the fashion world, most recently by Christian Siriano on Bravo's Project Runway. Now, please don't be offended by this some of you, we could change this to be a metrosexual man if that sounds more appealing, I'm not trying to make a statement on sexual orientation here. But, let's face it, girls are not a girl's best friend in the fashion world. There's too much jealousy, competition, and preconceived opinions about the female figure taught from the media. A male view point on what you wear is great because (if the guy is not perverted) he has a wonderfully unbiased and helpfully critical eye. Tim Gunn is one of my favorites. My husband is also very helpful when he agrees to go shopping with me. I found this article in my old magazine tear-out files. It's hilarious, but oh so true!

Source unknown. Possibly Vogue or Elle?

It took me FOREVER to realize that blogger does not do documents or PDFs. I can see why more people are moving to wordpress. Anyways, sorry if the image quality isn't great. Just click to enjoy it in a more readable magnification. The language in the first paragraph is not my favorite. And yes, the author is gay.

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beckie said...

That is absolutely hilarious and true. I have a friend who might as well be gay and his advice is priceless when it comes to what I am wearing.