Sunday, May 24, 2009


I've loved to get my hands in the dirt since I was a little girl, and when a coupon arrived in the mail this week for a Memorial weekend nursery sale, I got very excited. We need some flowers for our front walkway. John and I were lazy on Saturday and got off to a slow start on everything, so when we got out from attending a session at the temple it was getting pretty late, but I still wanted to take a look at those flowers. We ended up driving over to the garden center in full Sunday dress. It was an interesting experience mincing through gravel and cobblestone in 4" heels and a polka dot dress. I felt really silly when we had to ask for help. I got some funny looks. After browsing the perennials, our conversation went something like this:

Me: "I felt kind of foolish walking around there in heels and a dress."
John: "I think all the girls were looking at you and thinking, 'She's my hero!' "
Me: "Yeah right, I bet they were thinking: 'Look at that girl in her dress! I'd like to see her dig some soil in that get up!'"

Funny how we interpret things differently. Being in Utah, it seems like people are generally more forgiving if you show up at a fast food restaurants a little over dressed. I think they just assume you've been to some church function. The man in front of us at Cafe Rio wanted to start a full conversation because he saw that we were dressed up. On the other hand, when we went to order pizza after Holi Fest last year, everyone avoided us like the plague.

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