Friday, May 1, 2009

Blind as a Tarsier

I have good eye sight. Always have. John has even better eyesight. Both of our parents wear glasses and all our siblings but two wear glasses (my younger sister and older brother Steve). I guess we've both been lucky so far, but I don't want to jinx ourselves. Once in a while I really want to have to wear glasses because I think they make people look bookish and intelligent. It's similar to the envy my sister had in elementary school when she really wanted a retainer, braces, and headgear. If I wore glasses, I would wear these red hot lookers:

I guess I could still wear them since they have no prescription, but I would just feel so lame trying to fake it.

Image from J.Crew


julianne rose said...

i feel the same!!! in fact i did actually wear fake prescription-less glasses my whole junior year of high school :) lame, but also awesome! haha

ellen said...

I've wanted glasses since I was ten. Now I settle for the drug store reading glasses which are better than nothing!