Friday, May 8, 2009

A bit of Earth

I worked in my garden for the first time yesterday! I came back from running and was already sweaty so I figured why not? The sweet sisters in the R.S. presidency gave me a birthday gift of a ranunculus flower that was starting to fade so I planted it in our walkway planter. Not a lot, but it's a start. I love ranunculus! They remind me of the beautiful field they have in Carlsbad. This was my reply from the HOA when I asked if I was allowed to replace the scraggly, dying shrubs in the front of our house:

"We’ve allowed it in the past as long as it’s tasteful and fits with the overall look of the community. I have no problem with people taking the initiative to make their yards look better."

So I guess that means no palm trees and orchids? What about pink flamingos or a gnome?

Amelie Photo from imdb


Wiwi Kalawi said...

Eeek...don't go for a lawn gnome.

Did you ever see this video?

They are creepy.

Melinda said...

Brian, that WAS super creepy!!! Especially with the organ music in the background.