Monday, May 18, 2009

The Big 3 - 0

This Saturday we celebrated John's 30th birthday. A month ago I got a bit mother-y and told John that he needed to choose if he wanted a friend party or a family party because doing both, like we did last year and the year before, can get kind of expensive. John is very laid back and said he'd rather have a low key celebration. I tend to over plan and John tends to under plan, so when we discuss what we want to do it usually turns out a lot better than our complete surprises for each other. John's day was very close to his ideal, minus the fact that no one showed up to play ultimate with him. Here is what he did.

Morning - After John came home a little defeated from the field, we enjoyed an all you can eat French toast and pancake breakfast at Kneaders. We then came home to open presents: Metroid Prime 3 for the Wii and a Macaroni and Cheese cook book. John played a couple of hours of the new game while I did laundry upstairs and paraded around in pajamas until 2pm.

Afternoon - Went to see the new Star Trek movie. We thought it was pretty good. I talked a lot during the movie because I totally don't know anything about Star Trek. John patiently explained things to me. Neither of us are Trekkies but we enjoy a good movie.

Evening - Got dressed up to eat at Bambara downtown. Menus were cute, printed out with a "Happy Birthday John!" at the top. John was enraptured over his meal of bison steak with a red onion jelly and herb butter. Came home and had "birthday cake" ice cream. John was in heaven. This ice cream is his new favorite thing introduced to us by our neighbors Scott and Emily Norton. It's called Cake Batter Batter Batter (cake batter ice cream with brownie and cookie dough).

Happy birthday John!
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Emily said...

Happy (late) birthday John! Sounds like it was fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Looks like John had a delicious and fun birthday courtesy his adorable wife:)

beckie said...

Happy Birthday John! It seems just like yesterday you were turning 26 and besides Rick you were my oldest friend. Sigh. The Amarilla.