Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some of my heroes

As an alumni, I received a magazine from the Life Sciences department of my graduating college about a week ago. I was excited, but a little sad, to see that some of my great professors had retired this year. I feel bad for the incoming students who will miss the opportunity to be tutored by these intelligent men. Since they mostly taught in larger lecture halls, I wasn't on a first name basis with all of these teachers, but I guess you can say I've long admired them from afar.

Dr. Furniss was my field botany professor. The class required me to spend several hours walking around Provo looking at plants in the heat of summer. It was also one of my favorite classes. I still have all the pine cones I collected and packing taped 3X5 cards of pressed leaf samples. I often spotted Dr. Furniss wandering the neighborhood in the mist of the early morning, searching for prime specimens to show his students.

Dr. White taught one of my zoology classes. He was fun and sweet at the same time and reminded me more of a grandpa than a stuffy professor. He brought his pet peregrine falcon into class one day and chased it around the huge lecture hall to show us how avian movement related to Archaeopteryx.

I had Dr. Jeffrey for several of my biology classes. One thing that I remember was his ability to logically discuss controversial issues in the church's history. He also taught evolution and was involved in a university outreach program that taught science educators how to discuss this topic in Utah's public schools. As Dr. Jeffrey says, " The church has long had the fundamental concept that God works through natural laws. Science is the study of those laws."

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holtkamp said...

wow i'm glad you had such a good relation with so many of your professors. not that i didn't like mine, but there weren't many that made such a good impression! i'm sure you are that wonderful teacher to your students!