Monday, May 11, 2009

2nd Roll and this time with the right film

We got our second roll back from the Diana+. Well, third actually. The back fell off of the camera when we were at Goshen taking pictures in the ruins. Sadly none of those came out because they were all over exposed. We've started taping the back now. Here are some pictures that came out well from New York. Next I'll try cross processing. By the way, Walmart is great for cheap film developing. They send out all their film to Fuji labs for processing and they do a decent enough job for $1.50. I find it increasingly more difficult for me to damn the man when he sells my favorite lotion and now this! Got to stay strong, but I find myself faltering!

Exuse the fashion faux pas with my cardigan all open. That should have been buttoned.


beckie said...

Costco has wonderful film developing, they don't change your coloring at all and reset their machines daily. I don't really know what any of that means but a professional told me, so I trust it.
I love the look of these pictures, good job.

holtkamp said...

looks good!